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Pages: 17  ,  Volume: 5  ,  Issue: 2 , May   2018
Received: 03 Jun 2018  ,  Published: 03 June 2018
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# Author Name
1 Muhammad Auwal Sulaiman
2 Binta Muhammad Inuwa
3 Ibrahim Yusuf



The Islamic way of life always emphasized a strong sense of brotherhood in such a way that a community should be maintained to ensure that mutual understanding pave way for the peace and harmony, As long as individual or group of individuals failed to recognize and identify their variations, colours, nations and tribes, peaceful co-existence will no longer exist among them, and this will lead to series of violence and conflicts. In this regards Islam is a religion which adores peace rather than violence and love, compromise rather than   confrontation. In line with this, the Islamic principle of reconciliation should be given attention to address the gabs caused by lack of mutual understanding. Consequent upon this, this paper reveals that reconciliation, patience (Sabr) and forgiveness will serve as tools for negotiation to reach an equitable settlement and to restore peace and security for their wellbeing. Finally, the paper recommends that, all reconciliations terms must conform with the recommendations made by Qur’an and the traditions of Prophet (SAW).




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