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1 Uzoegbu, M.U., Ikwuagwu, C.S., Agbo, C.C. and Amoke, A.I.



The thermal maturity parameter used in the evaluation of the hydrocarbon generative potential of the sedimentary organic matter is based largely on the extent of molecular transformation of the biological markers due to geothermal stress which is a function of depth or burial history. In particular the transformations leading to the formation of Polynuclear Aromatics usually occur at the end of diagenesis up to the onset of catagenesis. An in-depth study of the transformation leading to the formation of polynuclear aromatic steroidal hydrocarbons revealed a step by step thermally mediated aromatization of the non-aromatic biogenic species during diagenetic/catagenetic evolution of organic matter in an anoxic environment. The results of the study based on the most dominant polynucear aromatic species namely, methylphenanthrenes and phenanthrene revealed that coal samples from various locations in the Basin had an average PAH of 0.41mg/Kg (methylphenanthrenes) and 0.91mg/Kg (phenanthrene). High (Pr/Ph) ratio (1.73-12.47) and distributions of polyaromatic hydrocarbons showed that Mamu samples consisted of terrestrial organic matter with marine incursion deposited under oxic/suboxic-oxic in lacustrine-fluvial/deltaic environment. Based on the foregoing, PAH values can be used to evaluate the maturation level of organic matter in the coals.




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