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Earth, Energy & Environment


Pages: 8  ,  Volume: 5  ,  Issue: 2 , May   2018
Received: 01 Jun 2018  ,  Published: 03 June 2018
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1 Amoke, A.I. and Uzoegbu, M.U.



An investigation of soils in Bauchi area has been carried out. The results of the investigations indicate the occurrence of two aquifer units namely; the unconsolidated weathered overburden aquifer unit and the fractured basement aquifer unit. The hydraulic parameters of the aquifer units indicate a mean hydraulic conductivity value of 2.99 x102m/day and a mean transmissivity value of 2.002 x 101m/day. An average linear groundwater velocity of 4.21m/yr and a specific discharge of about 1.89m/yr were recorded. The groundwater has pH ranging from 6.90 to 7.10 implying that the groundwater sources are alkaline. The mean values for chloride, sulphate and iron are 158.89mg/l, 95.78mg/l and 8.70mg/l respectively. While the mean value for hardness is 381.29mg/l. These parameters indicate presence of mineral suphate, corrosion and very hard water therefore should be treated before use. Generally, erosion control structures in the area should be made of materials that should resist staining, corrosion and incrustation.




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