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Volume: 59  ,  Issue: 1 , August    Published Date: 02 September 2020
Publisher Name: IJRP
Views: 64  ,  Download: 14
DOI: 10.47119/IJRP100591820201388


# Author Name
1 Helfrida Situmeang
2 Lies Mardiyana
3 B. Soeprijanto


Ovarian carcinoma is the second most common gynecological malignancy and in Indonesia it is the 5th most common cause of death in America, and in Indonesia it ranks 3rd after breast and cervix. Non-epithelial ovarian carcinoma is very rare and is often diagnosed at an advanced stage. CT scan is an imaging for diagnostic that can show a profile of non-epithelial ovarian carcinoma and this has never been studied in Dr. Soetomo General Hospital. The objective of this study is to evaluate solid component, cystic, fat, calcified, enhancement, unilateral / bilateral locations on CT scans of non-epithelial ovarian carcinoma patients. From January 2016 until July 2019, 55 patients of epithelial ovarian cancer with histopathological proven (age range 08 – 70 years) were enrolled in the study. Patient did CT scan before operation. CT scan was evaluated in raw data. Based on age category, age range was 08 – 70 years. 43.6% of patients are in the age range 41-60 years. CT scan features of non-epithelial ovarian cancer at Dr. Soetomo General Hospital on Germ Cell Tumor type 28 cases (50.9%), Sex Cord Stromal Tumor 26 people (47.3%), Tumor metastasis 1 case (1.8 %). Solid degenerative changes, necrosis, bleeding, and irregular contours were found in 85.5% of cases. Cystic features were found in 85.5% of cases, 14.5% of cases had no cystic component. Fat features were found in 23.6% of cases. Calcification features were found in 72.7% of cases. Enhancement was found in 98.2% of cases. As many as 96.4% of cases were found in unilateral. The CT scan feature of the germ cell tumor contained solid irregular components, enhancement, and unilateral, as many as 85.7% of cases had the cystic component, fat density and calcification were obtained in mature and immature teratomas. Sex cord stromal tumors have an irregular solid component and enhancement (enhancement), as many as 84.6% of cases with a cystic component, 83.3% of cases of unilateral.Tumor metastasis shows a unilateral appearance of a cystic mass with solid component.


  • Histopathology
  • CT Scan
  • Non Epithelial Ovarian Carcinoma
  • Histopathology
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