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Volume: 1  ,  Issue: 1 , September    Published Date: 10 October 2017
Publisher Name: IJRP
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1 Asim Abubabakr Elmansour


Physico-chemical  characteristics  of  groundwater  are  measured  in  situ  in  water  samples  from 
existing wells and water samples were collected for subsequent chemical analysis. Generally the 
water  in  En  Nuhud  Basin  is  characterized  by  low  mineralization  with  respect  to  the  WHO  and 
Sudanese regulation limits for drinking water; anomalous values were observed at Abu Dagal in 
the western part which interpreted as related to high clay content within the saturated zones. 
The concentrations of the different chemical constituents usually decrease inwards in a manner 
indicates  recharge  potentials  from  the  boundaries  and  from  surface  drainage  within  the  basin 
area. The dominant types of water quality in the study area are: [Ca (Mg) Hco3], [Ca (Mg) Cl(No3, 
So4)]  and  [Na  HCO3]  type.  In  view  of  the  quality  tolerances  for  industrial  process,  some  water 
samples not  suit  many  of  these  processes;  due  to  relatively  high  alkalinity,  EC  and  acidity  (low 
PH). On the other  hand groundwater  of En Nuhud Basin is quite satisfactory for irrigation use; 
limit  exceptional  case  concerns  Gabreddar-  Abu  Dagal  Area;  where  high  to  very  high  salinity 


  • En Nuhud Basin
  • groundwater
  • Physico-chemical
  • regulation limits
  • quality tolerances
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