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Arts Literature & Linguistics


Pages: 10  ,  Volume: 53  ,  Issue: 1 , May   2020
Received: 27 May 2020  ,  Published: 24 June 2020
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1 Endah Agustini
2 Made Budiarsa
3 Anak Agung Putu Putra


The aim of this study to create a product of teaching module material on English learning for waitress in social institution at SOS Children’s Village Bali. The subjects involved in the study are adolescent aged between 15 to 18 years. The data was collected by interview, questionnaire, and documentation. The method used for data analysis is qualitative with descriptive technique. The study approach of this study used research and development (R&D). Meanwhile, the model of this study used ADDIE model. There are five stages of ADDIE model, namely analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation. The result of this study indicates that teaching module material on English learning for waitress obtains the category of very reasonable with a total score of 95%


  • teaching module material of English learning for waitress
  • SOS Children's Village Bali
  • ADDIE model
  • References


    The study that used of ADDIE model is conducted by Tegeh dkk (2013). That study inspected the subject of methodology in Undiksha (Ganesha University of Education). That subject refers to the end of program, that is all the students are obligated to write a paper whether for undergraduate or graduate. His study was based on issue of students who are planned, conducted, and reported research. The aimed of his study is knowing the steps of teaching material development research method with ADDIE model. It can be produced and developed proper product for using it.

    Further, research is from Ulfayanti Nurul (2019) analyze about design learning module of English vocabulary at IAN Kendari. ADDIE model is used in her study to know the problems, obstacles, needs, and ability of students. ADDIE model as a mean of application to increase the ability of students’ vocabulary. Design learning module of English vocabulary was conducted by validation from media expert, material expert, and supporting lecturers of vocabulary and pronunciation II. Validation was conducted at three stages of ADDIE model. Besides, another research that use ADDIE model and conducted validation is Erawati (2019) in her study teaching material development into illustrated textbooks sor singgih basa bali at junior high school kesuma sari Denpasar. That teaching material development obtained 97,35 % score. Those scores were obtained through validation by media expert, design expert, and learners. 3 researchers above obtain is used as reference for this research. Moreover, the model of this research use ADDIE model.