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1 Peter-Ajayi Olayinka Michael.
2 Fatai Yunisa Olarewaju.


The study investigated the impact of sports facilities and safety equipment on sports participation among adolescents in Ikere local government area of Ekiti State. The researchers observed that many sporting activities are no longer carried out in the secondary schools as a result of non provision of safety equipment. They also observed that in many secondary schools the students have limited options of sporting events they can participate in due to lack or inadequacy of sports facilities. The researchers were of the opinion that these trends could be dangerous to the educational attainment and future development of the students, as well as Nationwide development. The researchers used survey design of the descriptive type of research for the study. The research instrument used for this study was a self–structured close ended questionnaire designed by the researchers. The sample size of three hundred (300) respondents was used for the study. Simple random sampling technique was used to select the respondents used for the study. The face and content validity of the instrument was ensured by given draft copies to experts for vetting. The reliability of the instrument was ensured by using the split half method and a coefficient of 0.99 was obtained. Inferential statistics of Chi-square (x2) was used to test the hypotheses postulated at 0.05 level of significance. From the findings of the study, the researchers concluded that availability of sports facilities motivate adolescents to participate in sports activities. Availability of sports facilities do not enhance adolescents’ participation in competitive sports. Availability of safety equipment enhance adolescents’ participation in competitive sports. They therefore recommended that  government and sports administrators should encourage students in sports participation through provision of standard sports facilities. So that it will motivate the students toward sports participation more than before. The body that governs sports in Nigeria should make qualitative and quantitative facilities accessible, in order to improve students’ participation in competitive sports. Sports organisers should always put safety equipment and precautionary measures in place before, during and after any sports competition.


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