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Computer Science & Electrical

Mandalay Division Data Analysis by Dijkstra Shortest Path Algorithm with Python

Pages: 7  ,  Volume: 52  ,  Issue: 1 , May   2020
Received: 05 May 2020  ,  Published: 07 May 2020
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# Author Name
1 Aung Cho


Todays every business is competing with each other and they always choose the shortest path to distribute their products and services to their customers. Also tourists, ambulance, fireman and network connection company always choose the shortest path to reach their goals. If they go through in Mandalay division, Myanmar, this paper can help them to get the shortest path of their trip. In this paper the data of Mandalay was analyzed with Dijkstra shortest path algorithm and python code supported to implement the data analysing.


  • Mandalay
  • python
  • Dijkstra shortest path algorithm
  • References