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# Author Name
1 Arifin Sitio
2 Bambang Mulyana
3 Eman Supriatna
4 Bayu Purnama Galuh


Abstract. Islamic boarding school is the only one that is resistant to the wave of modernization. pesantren is an educational institution that always maintains a harmonious relationship with the community, so that the presence in the midst of the community is not isolated. The pattern of Education Management held at Islamic boarding schools is much more profound, so that students who study at Islamic boarding schools learn a lot about interpretations of the Qur'an, Fiqh, Tawheed, and Morals. The learning resources use books written by classical scholars around the 7th or 8th century from the Middle East, or most commonly known as the Yellow Book. Since the beginning, even now the Islamic boarding school is still trusted by the community as an institution that forms the morals and intellectuals of Muslims. That is why the influence of boarding school education is so dominant on the character of students who are very submissive and obedient to their kyai. With boarding schools, in fact the students become independent and are able to reflect the attitude of courtesy, and become an entrepreneur in the community.



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