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Ameliorating effect of Tetracarpidium Conophorum on Oxidative Stress Markers and Liver Markers of Welders Exposed to Oxy-acetylene Fumes in Anambra State

Volume: 48  ,  Issue: 1 , March    Published Date: 25 March 2020
Publisher Name: IJRP
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# Author Name
1 Michael Chinedu Olisah
2 Chukwuebuka Egbuna
3 Nwamaka Esther Olisah


The welding fume generated during the welding processes could have severe adverse effect to Welders. The knowledge and awareness of these adverse effects and the actions toward this deleterious effect are important factors in the prevention of these hazards among the welders. This study assessed the extent of oxidative stress and liver injuries caused by welding fumes and estimate the possible ameliorating effect of African walnut (Tetracarpidium Conophorum). The study was carried out in commercial city of Ihiala and uli, in Ihiala Local Government Area of Anambra State of Nigeria. It was a cross sectional and interventional study design. A total of forty welders who consented were identified from a list of registered workshops. They were interviewed using semi-structured interviewer-administered questionnaires. Base line samples were collected for oxidative stress and liver markers. They were later fed with two pieces of African walnut (3 times per day for period of one month). Eight milliliters of blood were collected for analyses. Data obtained was analyzed using SPSS. Results showed that the MDA levels welders were significantly higher when compared with the non-exposed group (P <0.05).


  • oxidative stress
  • liver marker enzymes
  • References

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