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Higher Education Need skill with Value Education

Pages: 0  ,  Volume: 1  ,  Issue: 1 , September   2017
Received: 05 Sep 2017  ,  Published: 10 October 2017
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# Author Name
1 Dr. Madhu Gupta
2 Dr. Anju Singh


Higher Education need values Education because there is drastic change in social and 
political scenario. Value education is defined in literature differently from eternal ideas to 
behavioral  procedures.  Higher  Education  in  the  present  era  is  an  challenge  for 
economic consideration and social development. Cut throat competition to achieve high 
level success has made man  a mechanical instrument. Results of such rat  race in the 
field  of  education  and  economic  life  can  be  seen  in  terms  of  in  security,  stressful  life, 
lack of fellow feeling, lack of respect for human values etc.  
Today in global society where the ancient values are poorly seen in human community 
and  there  is  a  challenge  for  reformation.  People  across  the  globe  are  looking  towards 
the value education with high power human values among the higher studies so that the 
world remains as a place of peace, security and prosperity.  


  • Higher Education
  • ancient values
  • economic consideration
  • global
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